February 5, 2013


Last night, I got a box of much-anticipated citrus from the family-run Friend's Ranches in Ojai, CA. My little brother tipped me off (he is a huge fan of their Ojai Pixie Tangerine, which ripens around March), and I discovered they have monthly boxes of seasonal citrus as well as single-fruit boxes (just navels, just blood oranges, etc.). Ours came with meyer lemons, a bacon avocado, 4 types of tangerines (W. Murcot, Dancy, Page, and Lee) and 3 types of oranges (Tarocco blood, Cara Cara and Washington navels). The variety of citrus depends are where you are in the season. The box has about 50 pieces of fruit. So far I've tried about five varieties and needless to say, I imagine our stash will go very quickly.