July 31, 2012

There's nothing more summer than Coney Island

Instagrams* from last night at Coney Island, where we showed Girl Walk on the beach.  It was my first time back at Coney Island and years, and I'd forgotten that between the beach, the rare open skies and the colors and lights of the amusement park, all factors combine to create some of the most magical evening light in the city. Dozens of shiny new rides have been added on the same square footage as the old amusement park over the last few years and new lights and whack-a-mole sit only feet from the old western shooting games with rotting wood and sunburned operators who listlessly encourage you to play. In a thousand ways, it's both a horrific and beautiful amalgam of iconic meeting modernization, and for that reason exactly, it was a perfect place to show our movie, in all its NYC glory.

Jacob also rode that freakish Electro Spin thing TWICE in a row, surrounded both times by fearless 8 year olds. He videotaped the whole ride from his point & shoot in his pocket -- and even watching the video made me motion sick. Then he proceeded to ride some rollercoaster with the word "Screamin'" in its nam, upon which his iPhone dropped out of his pocket during a corkscrew, and smashed during its 50 foot descent to the pavement.

*I'm youngnapark over at Instagram

July 27, 2012

Leaving Austria

Back in Brooklyn, but thinking on this morning in Itter, Austria, after the hail storm that left thousands of goose-egg sized dents in so many people's cars and had us suspended in our rental cars, unsure of whether to duck, hide or drive like mad. It seems true that weather effects, all over the world, are amplified these days (proved by the derecho that whipped through Brooklyn last night) -- and reading articles like this one in the NY Times really suggests the cumulative impact we've made on our ozone and our world are leading the infrastructure to slowly buckle, pop, twist and crumble. Whether it's higher (or lower) temperatures, buckling railways, cracking sidewalks, an overtaxed grid or a storm "of the century" -- these occurrences now feel like nearly everyday ones. The mountains then amplify the weather even more -- a storm front passes over one peak and a sunny day becomes one of severity and doom.

But, it passed and after the storm had gone the fog sat low above the abundant roses, which are a whole long stronger than they look.

July 24, 2012

I am pretty sure it doesn't get much nicer than this.

It had been gray all day with the skies even but lurking ominous, so when we'd all disembarked from the gondolas and the bride walked up and across the meadow, it could be thought only charm and good omens that brought a crack of sunshine through the clouds. That crack turned into a proper chasm and by the time they'd kissed and the champagne came out the sky had turned properly epic. Against the backdrop of mountain peaks for miles, the sun became the glorious realization of what it can sometimes be, providing dramatic glow-to-halo-to-neon orange lighting on the landscape that -- because of the alternating altitudes of the peaks and our height above (some) clouds, mean that there were natural silhouettes cast all down into the valley. We spent so much of the evening lingering, with old friends as new bride + groom, watching the skies change, drinking wine, beer, champagne, unwilling to go inside and miss the nature show. Congrats again to S + V. Sunshine follow you.

Here we are, on top of the world.

Thinking something like: WHAT? Can you believe this?

Vern on the Hasselblad.

Team photo, representing Brooklyn.

Scott + Dan aglow.

July 23, 2012

Making way to the mountain wedding

The bride prepped in bride's quarters, the groom in groom's corners and then we all made way, by foot for 30 minutes, to the gondola that propelled us up to Kraftalm, a rustic ski lodge at the top of the mountain in the Austrian Alps. En route to the gondola: fresh cherries, off the tree. The guests headed up the mountain first, rising quickly over the meadows and goats and hills. The bride and groom arrived last, and Jacob, Scott and I waited expectantly as best buds / photographers / giddy guests / paparazzi. 

Wearing orange! Why not? 

Wine on the gondola is a-okay. 


Waiting for the bride + groom.


July 19, 2012

A walk on the wild side

An Austrian breakfast of champions (cold cuts, nutella, various jams, various breads, a multitude of cheeses), then a walk into the mountains. There are paths for biking and various levels of trekking all over this part of the Alps, so we choose a footpath that departs from the doorstep of our hotel and wandered upwards and onwards. 

It's important to note a key highlights of this region of Tirol / the German state of Bavaria:  Freakishly organized wood piles. All ends match up perfectly, gaps are minimal; it's like you're judged by your wood pile the way New Yorkers assess you by your bookshelf. The one pictured here would only receive a B- at best.