December 12, 2012

Giving + Going

I'm traveling to Berlin / Istanbul* next week and all my holiday gifts must fit in my suitcase, alongside clothes for the month (!) we'll be away. So, I'm limited in my ability to transfer baked goods -- and gifts -- which I do love giving -- into a suitcase that remains under the weight limit. If there are some people you are still hunting for, here are things that've caught my eye of late*.
  1. Napkins
  2. Planters
  3. Cookbooks
  4. Neckwear
  5. Robes: 
  6. Mittens
  7. Wall things
  8. Bags
  9. Baskets & bins
  10. Enamel
  11. Pottery
  12. Subscriptions / Magazines
  13. Potholders
  14. Pouches
  15. Trays
  16. Little Flower caramels
  17. A Cat Cave (if you have a cat). 
  18. Calendars
* If you have any recommendations for things to do, see or eat in Istanbul, please let me know! Email me: 
** Photo above is from Berlin a few years ago. It's an old favorite that someone just requested a giant print*** of for the holidays. 
*** Stay tuned for a print shop in the new year.