November 13, 2012

Neighborhoods for Airbnb

Last month, I had the chance to shoot a handful of NYC neighborhoods for a new project that launched on airbnb today: Neighborhoods. Neighborhoods helps contextualize those apartments you're renting--those homes away from home--with the look, feel, sense of dining options, transit, safety vs. danger, nightlife, boutiques, outdoor life and general vibe of the area that surrounds it. On a fundamental level, neighborhoods are crucial to your sense of comfort and community, and by extension, can have a huge impact on your experience when traveling -- whether for 1 night or a month.

Neighborhoods is live in 8 cities: Rio de Janeiro, New York, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Paris and Washington DC. Airbnb pulled together a global team of photographers to capture each of the neighborhoods that comprise these cities (including Jacob + friend Julia Robbs) here in NY. A few of my contributions are above, with more on the site. (Note: 1st image isn't mine, but the rest are.)