October 1, 2012

Tinybop Loves.

For the last few months I've been working with my friend Raul on a new company called Tinybop, Inc. We're making iOS apps for kids like no other we know are out there. They're meant to inspire creativity, exploration, inquiry and we'll be working with top notch designers to make 'em look beautiful too. We're hard at work thinking, making and building, and in conjunction with the forthcoming app(s), we've built a blog called Tinybop Loves that showcases the kids media (books, movies, apps, music and websites) that we think is awesome. 

I've learned a ton about kids media in the last few months, playing hundreds and hundreds of apps, reading lots of vintage kids books, and learning all about Totoro (how did I not know Totoro??). While there are a few excellent niche blogs about vintage kids books, toys and apps out there, there's no great site (we know of) that pulls out a broad range of media that's quirky, curious and truly clever. We're not talking about Elmo or Dora the Explorer here. I'm talking about stuff like Andrew Henry's Meadow, a children's book about a misfit 9 year old boy who builds custom houses for his friends based on the things they love (birds, water), and Visua Musio, a rad music visualization app from the Japanese studio wowlab.

So, if you've got kids or are just curious about cool kids media (and frankly lots of great stuff for adults too): check out Tinybop Loves and sign up for our mailing list, where you'll get beta access to our apps once they're ready.