October 5, 2012

The Perfect Nothing Catalog

Last week I was riding around Greenpoint working on a shoot, and came across The Perfect Nothing Catalog, a community garden / making space and vine-covered shed, transported from Upstate, which Frank Traynor uses as his store. There are gourds in the yard, various objects that strike you as amulets, and lots of stones you feel like stealing to display on your bathroom windowsill. And plants: lots of plants. Oh, and cats. Super cute cats.

It'd just been pouring, so much of the tiny shop was packed up, but what was apparent was that the objects were selected with love, and mostly made or found in Greenpoint. Nature also permeates the inside of the little shack as much as the outside, with branches and leaves and plants running from window to window.

Hours are limited, store stock varies, and Frank reported they wouldn't be open for a bit cause he was going on a long hike. It's the place to go 'cause you're in the neighborhood and curious and it's always a little bit surprising, not because they ever have exactly what you're looking for.