September 4, 2012

Tomato season upstate

The best time to be upstate is during tomato season, the unofficial 2 months or so when the dozens of varieties* of tomatoes my dad is growing are fruiting non-stop. You can eat tomatoes dawn till dusk and there'd still be more, in every shade, size, degree of acidity -- some are just pure sugar. You don't need salt, pepper or olive oil -- though none of those hurt. A few weeks ago I went up for a restful weekend and we picked a few giant colanders full right after waking up. You must eat your trophies quickly, though, they spoil quickly and there's nothing sadder than seeing a good tomato go bad.

*names forthcoming

Related: Most grocery store tomatoes are plucked early and altered by a gene mutation that makes them turn red, which is why they're often so flavorless.