September 18, 2012

The 8 minute ceremony, 90 minute storm, and sunset of a lifetime.

(Holy crap, look at that storm.)

Yup, that one.

(2 hour intermission where we sit in the car with the groom's great aunt and uncle drinking beers and talking about the flower show they just went to in Holland. We emerge to a bright new world.) 

Dustin and I sneak off for an apple tasting. Verdict: delicious. 

Nick + Kelly

D + M raced the storm and wed under a hundreds year old tree on the property at Liberty View Farm as the storm approached with increasing speed and ferocity. As vows, ring exchanges and kisses were exchanged, guests glanced back and forth between stormclouds and newlyweds, until they recessed and everyone took off sprinting for their vehicles. No sooner had we sat down in the car, did the skies open up and the winds start audibly whipping. So, we turned on the radio and enjoyed an hour and a half of pure storm-watching from the dry comfort of our cars. After some time, the best man brought around beers and Farmer Billiam cleared us of atmospheric threats and we all exited to the barn and tent for an evening of barn dancing, apple picking, muddy feet and a glorious sunset.