September 6, 2012

An evening stroll (upstate).

There's a long and winding bike path near my parents' house that opens up into a nature reserve area (soccer fields on the other side). You can go a good ways before eventually ending up at an outlook over the Mohawk River, and watch the occasional boat float on by. The evening is the best time for a walk.

This particular weekend, in late August, we celebrated my little brother's 27th(!) birthday with lobsters, tomatoes and cake! -- and some kayaking/canoeing -- and this walk. As always, it's good to get outside (the city).

*If you didn't see Bill Clinton's speech at the DNC last night: watch it.
**If you didn't see Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC the night before: watch that too.
***Today is the first day of school all over NYC (and much of the country). I love these reflections on the 2nd-grade classroom.