September 14, 2012

Before the storm: D + M (Part I)

The clouds rang ominous as we headed up the Hudson last weekend for D + M's wedding and upon arriving at the farm, the weather forecast called for possible tornadoes and wind gusts whose maximum speed conveniently coincided with the exact time of the ceremony. D, J and I took a self-guided tour of the farm beforehand, pawing through a few types of kale, sunflowers, the cactus + onion shed, the wildflower fields, the turkey coop and the cabbage patch. By the time we gathered for lemonade and iced tea -- mostly the Arnold Palmer combo -- the tar-like clouds were swirling and climbing the hill just to our west at least three sets of parent-to-grandparent aged relatives of the groom said outloud to nobody in particular: "They say rain on your wedding day is good luck!," and went back for a second Arnold Palmer.