August 21, 2012

The final row

Our final day in Berlin was marked with a trip to the Tiergarten, the city's largest park, full of green space and hefty trees and a beer garden to grab a liter and sit by the water and leisure, as Germans in the summer are apt to do. We took bab(ies) I + L out on their first boat rides, respectively, at 15 months and 10 days old, rowing around the lake on one of the only end-to-end sunny days during our visit. It's true that one of the grand things about Berlin is that popular, lovely activities -- outdoor movies, concerts, highly-rated restaurants, boat rentals -- still feel accessible even when they've been blogged about, written up and determined to be a destination. There's little of the NY-style mob-scene that dooms a place to inaccess the moment it becomes known, which makes the approach to said places leisurely as well.


We're packing up to move to our new place (back) in Greenpoint this weekend and are non-stop buried in ambitions for shelves and lofts and the kitchen island we're going to build. The internet does a great job of whetting one's home desires, not all that healthfully. I'm excited to get to this new home of ours. I can taste those four big windows and that skylight and that rooftop. Oh, boy.

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+ The pottery of husband and wife duo Michael and Magdalena Suarez Frimkess (I'm very sad to have missed out out Untitled Bicycle Pot). If you scroll down, there's a full transcript of a 6 hour oral history interview conducted with them in 2001 by the Smithsonian. Michael is the primary ceramicist of the works, but due to his evolved Multiple Sclerosis, Magdalena does much of the painting now.