August 16, 2012

Other people's homes

When we were in Berlin, our friends M + B and baby A invited us out to their new A-frame in Brandenburg -- a petit, still unfurnished, yet incredibly charming few hundred square feet about 45 minutes outside of the city. Many German cities, unlike American ones, don't have a sprawl effect. At some point, the city just ends, and you are welcomed into a more sudden border-crossing to nature. The  little house, which sits in line with three other A-frames -- architectural quadruplets -- was receiving a fresh coat of paint, and M + B were considering furnishings and built-ins. It was fun to imagine -- as it always is with new spaces and homes -- what it will become by the time of our next visit. [For more excellent cabin action, visit Cabin Porn.] 

Jacob and I are also in a period of serious home-dreaminess. We move into our new loft in less than 10 days. High ceilings + skylights are our friend. The giddiness cannot be contained.