July 31, 2012

There's nothing more summer than Coney Island

Instagrams* from last night at Coney Island, where we showed Girl Walk on the beach.  It was my first time back at Coney Island and years, and I'd forgotten that between the beach, the rare open skies and the colors and lights of the amusement park, all factors combine to create some of the most magical evening light in the city. Dozens of shiny new rides have been added on the same square footage as the old amusement park over the last few years and new lights and whack-a-mole sit only feet from the old western shooting games with rotting wood and sunburned operators who listlessly encourage you to play. In a thousand ways, it's both a horrific and beautiful amalgam of iconic meeting modernization, and for that reason exactly, it was a perfect place to show our movie, in all its NYC glory.

Jacob also rode that freakish Electro Spin thing TWICE in a row, surrounded both times by fearless 8 year olds. He videotaped the whole ride from his point & shoot in his pocket -- and even watching the video made me motion sick. Then he proceeded to ride some rollercoaster with the word "Screamin'" in its nam, upon which his iPhone dropped out of his pocket during a corkscrew, and smashed during its 50 foot descent to the pavement.

*I'm youngnapark over at Instagram