July 15, 2012

Swimming in the Starnberger See (Lake Starnberg)

Viki is from Starnberg, a small town 30 minutes outside Munich, which lies on the north end of the impeccably clear Starberger See (Lake Starnberg). On clear days you can see the Alps in the distance, and two-directional roads share a one-lane-style width, winding down in all directions down to the waterfront. It's incredibly peaceful, and homes are marked by a mix of modern and traditional Bavarian styles of architecture: enormous windows, exposed wood beams, steep roofs and large terraces. Spaces invite continuity between the in-and-outdoors: skylights abound and windows stay open most days, screen-less. 

Jacob and I made a handful of trips out to Starnberg during the week we stayed in Munich, dipping into the lake on a few occasions. We met up with friends and spent time by the water, where teenagers gathered en masse; it's easy to imagine that life is good when you're a kid who always has a natural pool for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and so forth.