July 27, 2012

Leaving Austria

Back in Brooklyn, but thinking on this morning in Itter, Austria, after the hail storm that left thousands of goose-egg sized dents in so many people's cars and had us suspended in our rental cars, unsure of whether to duck, hide or drive like mad. It seems true that weather effects, all over the world, are amplified these days (proved by the derecho that whipped through Brooklyn last night) -- and reading articles like this one in the NY Times really suggests the cumulative impact we've made on our ozone and our world are leading the infrastructure to slowly buckle, pop, twist and crumble. Whether it's higher (or lower) temperatures, buckling railways, cracking sidewalks, an overtaxed grid or a storm "of the century" -- these occurrences now feel like nearly everyday ones. The mountains then amplify the weather even more -- a storm front passes over one peak and a sunny day becomes one of severity and doom.

But, it passed and after the storm had gone the fog sat low above the abundant roses, which are a whole long stronger than they look.