July 24, 2012

I am pretty sure it doesn't get much nicer than this.

It had been gray all day with the skies even but lurking ominous, so when we'd all disembarked from the gondolas and the bride walked up and across the meadow, it could be thought only charm and good omens that brought a crack of sunshine through the clouds. That crack turned into a proper chasm and by the time they'd kissed and the champagne came out the sky had turned properly epic. Against the backdrop of mountain peaks for miles, the sun became the glorious realization of what it can sometimes be, providing dramatic glow-to-halo-to-neon orange lighting on the landscape that -- because of the alternating altitudes of the peaks and our height above (some) clouds, mean that there were natural silhouettes cast all down into the valley. We spent so much of the evening lingering, with old friends as new bride + groom, watching the skies change, drinking wine, beer, champagne, unwilling to go inside and miss the nature show. Congrats again to S + V. Sunshine follow you.

Here we are, on top of the world.

Thinking something like: WHAT? Can you believe this?

Vern on the Hasselblad.

Team photo, representing Brooklyn.

Scott + Dan aglow.