June 27, 2012

The light at Beaver Brook

Cassie taught me how to chop wood with an axe. Hi-yah. 

Making a fire in the hot tub to heat the water. 

It hardly gets better than the light of the forest, always deflecting rays to create dense streaks of sun mirage against the backdrop of evergreens. Colors appear everywhere, naturally occurring rainbow fireworks exploding throughout the day. 

J and I are in the midst of last minute hustle before we take off. The cat's gone to my parents' house, the shirts and skirts are at the dry cleaner, new dresses + fancy pants have been procured for our friends' wedding in the alps, we've got a stack of books for the plane and train, files are being edited and copied like mad onto hard drives, final video edits and meetings and contracts are being signed off upon, the loft has been built in our soon-to-be-new apartment where we'll move in upon our return. A few more days of cramminginasmuchworkaspossible and we're off.