June 25, 2012

Down by the river

Reliving last weekend down by the river with Cassie, Siri, Grace, Brian and of course Clyde, the pup. It was overwhelming, in the best way, by moss, fallen logs, spots of light in the forest, ferns and the perpetual sound of a running river. Late at night, when it's dark, you hear the river rising and falling, the constant rush refreshing, even as white noise. My whole body -- from this weekend -- and the perpetual motion of summer -- are pocked with mosquito bites and little cuts, rashes from out of nowhere (poison oak?), tanlines and log scrapes. This summer more than ever, I feel like a nomad at camp, with brief and intense bursts on weekdays in front of a computer.

Next Saturday Jacob and I head to Europe for most of July. We get to Munich just in time for the Eurocup final so now, naturally, we are rooting for Germany (we were anyhow).  On our agenda: Munich Film Festival, Austrian Alps, Berlin (new niece on the way!) and Amsterdam. I'd love recommendations of things to do / eat /see, particularly in Munich and Amsterdam, cities both new to me.