May 23, 2012


My brother's graduation was a few days after his open studio. Hot, humid post-storm light, the central quad at Columbia saturated with white chairs, bleachers full of graduates in gowns (sweating in their suits and dresses), proud parents with cameras in the air, holding bouquets for their kids. After the school-wide ceremony (I only caught the end), we headed into St. Paul's Chapel for the Architecture & Urban Studies graduation -- a much smaller group of about 150. Listening to the Dean speak to the students, I was struck by the clash of modernity and history, hearing chatter about the role of technology and social media in peoples' futures, while standing inside a 105 year old chapel at an academic institution.

In a moment of total surprise, my brother was awarded a Kinne Fellow Travelling Prize, for a proposal to study the works of the Brazilian modernist architect Vilanova Artigas. He'll travel to Sao Paulo later this year for a few weeks (huzzah!).

Naturally, we capped off the celebration with food. Despite all of the hype, Roberta's has only gotten better in the last few years. Go on a weeknight, before 7:30 and the wait isn't so bad either. Get the grilled squid if they have it, the romaine salad, any of the pizzas, and the skirt steak.

Nota Bene:
+ Astonishing photos of the 54,000 acre Alberta Oil Sands in Canada taken from above (via Kottke)
+ Frank's book, The Shape of Design, is out! (For a great collection of design books, be sure to take a look at Frank's library.)
+ Gary Hustwit, Stefan Sagmeister, Ben Nabors, and Ben Wolf are organizing a night to remember their friend, filmmaker, musician, design pioneer and technologist Hillman Curtis, who recently passed away. Proceeds from the night will benefit the PS29 Arts Fund, where Hillman's kids go to school. June 21st, tickets $15 - 50 on sale now.
+ Barry Bearak tells the incredible story of Micah True, the ultramarathoner, free-spirit, and man who earned the name Caballo Blanco (The White Horse).