May 25, 2012

Celebrating S + V (Part I)

Our friends, S + V, are having a grand wedding in the mountains of Austria this summer, but many of their American friends can't make it to the nuptials site. A handful of us went about renting a house upstate and planning a weekend of bonfires, s'mores-making, hikes, bourbon, mosquitos, storytelling, late-morning slumbering, big group meals, friendly post-nature tick checks, whiffle-ball, soccer games, sunshine and pre-nuptial nuptials. The weather cooperated in perfect fashion, the house was that version of "country home" that makes you want to quit New York for good, and when we drove back to the city on Sunday, we all had a head full of the tiny vignettes and phrases coined in 72 hours time that make for camp-like memories.