April 12, 2012

What I saw: 2004

While packing the other day I found three rolls of film stashed in a desk drawer that I'd never gotten developed. For a photographer, this is the ultimate Easter egg: what did I see X number of years ago that I found photo worthy? What memories are locked in this roll?

Oddly enough, each roll was from a different time period. The images here, from the first roll, are from ~2004. I think most of these photos were taken walking around the East Village. At the time, probably for the better, I remember being a lot more bold in asking strangers if I could take their portraits. If anyone recognizes the guy in the second photo down I'd love to know who he is. I think it's inside either an antique or thrift store downtown. In the 4th photo, you can just barely see that the guy I'd photographed is showing me a photo on his camera that he took of me.

Coming across old film always gives me a kick in the butt to put down the 5D and pick up the Nikon or the Yashica or the Contax. Resolutions, resolutions...

Nota Bene:
+ Jon Schaefer of Soundcheck talks to David Byrne and James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem) about the evolving role of the digital artist.
+ Incredible photos of the Nenets of Siberia, whose livelihood depends on the reindeer. They use the photos for clothes, food, transportation and much more, as they migrate across the tundra each year. Photos by Joanna Eede.
+ Heartwarming story of a 9 year old's "cardboard arcade" and the short film a young filmmaker made about him.
+ And last but not least: the world's best cat video: Henri, the cat with ennui