April 12, 2012

Shari's Seder

I grew up not-quite-celebrating-Easter and Jacob grew up not-quite-celebrating-Passover so between the two of us, we join in on holiday tables where we're invited, mostly excited to participate in someone else's new tradition each year. This year we went to Shari's loft for seder; she's lived there for 25+ years, so has collections of art and object that span decades. Her friends, too, span decades, and most of the guests were new faces, ranging in age from 3 to 75.

I'm always surprised by the variability of a holiday celebration -- and have been to seders that were 3 hours, and those, like this one, that was more like 45. In the end, so much of it is about food, sharing the table, meeting new friends. And here, again (after Jacob led the room in song, reaching back to his a capella roots), we all poured wine, and talked late into the night.