April 25, 2012

Catching up

I'm back in Brooklyn with tons of photos from the last few weeks. But, also, unpacking, still moving out of my old apartment, shooting 7 of the next 12 days and have some friends visiting from out of town. So, slow going with sporadic bursts of pictures coming atcha.

This is the moment from the weekend of moving and packing where we said: "This is not so bad. Let's take a break and get a beer." And we went to one of our favorite spots in Greenpoint, Diamond Bar, with the shuffleboard inside and the ivy-covered backyard, and had a few beers. And breathed in fresh air. And ate Australian vegetable hand pies.

We sat there, happy, full of beer and in total and utter denial.

Even the cat was content.

But then we got home and realized the apartment still looked like this! And then we did not sleep the rest of the night.


P.S. Did you see this list of 101 Spectacular Nonfiction Stories selected by Conor Friedersdorf? It's good reading for weeks. (via Kottke)