March 23, 2012

Home, for now

I've been back home in Brooklyn since last Saturday, and am both in recovery mode while also preparing for some major changes ahead. Life on the road meant that we ate somewhere in the area of 100 consecutive meals out, which is some combination of very wonderful and the stark realization that most of America is not designed to sell you a fresh arugula salad at 3 a.m. So, coming back to our own apartment has invited many new and simple pleasures like being able to brew our own coffee, eating off real plates, and sleeping in the same bed for more than 2 consecutive nights. (File under: things you didn't realize you'd miss).

But, the sad fact is that we have to move in a few weeks because and I'm in a heady state of denial. We've lived here in Greenpoint for 3.5 years and this apartment is one of those finds where beautiful timing aligned with the market crash aligned with construction permits being completed in the nick of time. When we first moved here, it was under some weighty auspices -- I'd been mugged and beat up outside our last apartment, a few weeks later the magazine I was working for folded and I lost my job, our kitten Winston got super sick and the vet bills ate up all our savings, and so on and so forth. When we found this place -- with its 20 foot ceilings and entire wall of lights and two balconies and a space both suited for lots of cooking and lots of hosting, it was a serious godsend.

We were living here when we got married. We've hosted countless dinner parties, balcony brunches and movie screenings on the high and beautiful walls. We've got neighbor friends, our view is an incredible bird-filled wall of ivy, and we rarely turn the lights on before 7 p.m. We have our favorite grocery and restaurants. We know the rhythms of the neighborhood.

Moving depresses the hell out of me, not because I can't get excited about a new apartment, but because it means that it'll take months or years to earn the history this place has. It means my balcony garden is no more -- that spring planting just doesn't happen because we'll be gone by the time anything sprouts. For now, we'll relocate to temporary quarters for a few months and then we're not sure where we're headed aside from staying in Brooklyn. If any of you have miraculous apartment leads for light-filled spots with outdoor space that are pet-friendly and have decent square footage, let me know. We are looking.