February 28, 2012

crème de la crème

Last Valentine's Day, Jacob got me tickets to see Leo Kottke, the twelve string guitarist we both dearly love. On the day of the show, I was having a horrible day: work deadlines, stressed and sleepless, mercury in all kinds of retrograde. Then he called with the realization that the show was not in fact THAT night, but it had been the night before. We missed it. We missed the show we had both been looking forward to so much for months. I broke down in tears and we were sad about it for weeks.

So for Jacob's birthday in December, I decided we should try again. I got two tickets for tonight, February 28th. I knew we were going on tour with Girl Walk for most of February, and we were getting back to New York on the 27th after producing 8 shows in two weeks, but decided to get them anyhow. And we got home last night, and were utterly wasted with tiredness. And the airline lost one of our bags. And I stayed up for 50 hours working on a massive presentation. And I woke up this morning and realized my wallet had been stolen by someone who went on a McDonald's eating spree. And spent all day on hold with banks canceling credit cards and trying to find a way to replace my license so I can rent a car on Thursday to drive to Maine. And we had tickets for this goddamn show that really seemed like it was just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

But we went and it was just so goddamned beautiful and restorative and soulful and saturated with the storytelling that makes you feel like every bad adventure is worth a good tale, and so you should appreciate everyone one of these absurd days that ultimately become the memorable ones. And that just opening yourself up to the beautiful thing that is a man talking about his life and playing his guitar (with a voice channels Leonard Cohen + The Dude from The Big Lebowski) and strumming his instrument like a gentle master of his beast xis enough to restore every molecule in your being.

If you're not yet a fan, then I recommend starting with his 1988 album, My Father's Face. Look it up on rdio or Spotify or Youtube or wherever you do your thing.