August 28, 2011

Camp Irene

Hurricane Irene came to town. Jacob was amused and ignored all warnings to evacuate or stock up on goods. I was slightly nervous, so baked up a frenzy. If the power was going to go out, there ought to be lasagna! Sam and Viki arrived early. We drank wine in the sideways blowing wind while staring out into brown skies, tinged from the muddy waters stirred out at sea. It was like being in the cabin of a boat that's in the ocean. All you can see is a sliver of sloshing water from out of your porthole. The power never went out but we lit candles anyhow. In the morning, we had to try and make a dent in our wealth of provisions, so we had bagel brunch and blueberries and then went for a walk in search of evidence that Irene had really been there at all.

August 18, 2011

Our Backyard

The view looking towards the right from our balcony in Greenpoint. Summer is coming to an end.