December 4, 2011

Things are taking shape

An afternoon spent with lots of tissue paper, rope and hot glue guns in preparation for the Girl Walk // All Day premiere on Thursday. (Thanks to my helpers, CT + AE).  Have you RSVP'ed yet?

Related, some great film press in the last few days from: CBS Morning Show [video clip of live segment], The Daily News,, Huffington Post  Canada, Wired, The Atlantic, SPIN, The Hairpin, Pitchfork and more.

Also related! Jacob and I love working together and with our many talented friends. We will continue to make things as a growing "creative and collaborative flock" under the heading, Wild Combination. Not so much there yet, but it's a place for budding and blossoming collaborations, brainstorms and future projects, that just might include you. (We are also on twitter: @wildcombo). Say hello.