November 10, 2011


I've never met Dawn Bridges, but yesterday she sent me this beautiful package. It reminds me how the Internet is powerful and sharing and giving, and how the lives of friends and friends-of-friends that we quietly observe over the years on the shiny, bright screen of our computers can sometimes translate to surprises in your mailbox that really make your day.  Dawn reached out to me a week ago, after noting it was my birthday and asked for a mailing address. I had no idea what to expect. And certainly not to receive a neon pink mesh tape art wrapped package full of clever, colorful homemade goodness: a custom TWENTYNINE tank, beaded necklaces on hot pink nylon, and amazing initialed pouches. All are wares from her CAMP DAWN line (Dawn! Where can we get your lovely goods online??).

Thank you Dawn, for this wonderful explosion of brightness.