October 13, 2011

Proofing Prints

In the midst of all other kinds of wonderful madness, I'm also in the process of preparing prints for an upcoming exhibition at Saffron.  The opening party will be the evening of Wednesday, October 26th. I stopped by the printer the other day to take a look at proofs and was so excited to see these mini-prints. As a photographer who spends most of my time looking at images on the Internet, putting images on paper and considering physical layout, sizing, matting, framing and installation, forces you to think about whether an image really stands up on its own and whether it really deserves its own place on a wall.

Jacob really dislikes one of the images I've selected for the show and really doesn't think it "works" at all. At first that stung, but it also made me think about how to defend each image that is there as part of my bigger practice and body of work, and figure out how it fits in -- or if it fits in at all.