October 18, 2011

12 Eggs Make a Dozen

The last 10 months have been hectic, so it feels especially important to hang onto small routines. One of my weekly routines is to get a dozen eggs from the farmers' market in McCarren Park. Garden of Eve has my favorite eggs, but you have to get to the market early to claim your dozen. I usually hardboil one or two in the morning, and have them for breakfast or for a snack in the afternoon. Every week I marvel at the speckles and gradients that comprise the shells. Sometimes they are hues more bluish, or reddish. Other times a shade or two darker from top-to-bottom. Some are over-sized, others dwarfed; some are long, some are squat. I always regret that I can't save the shells, preserving the armor. These are the 12 eggs from this week's dozen.